I said we were towards the end, I was lying, in truth now comes the best part. We begin to review all those little things that make a game so.

In fact, I’m working on a set of things that will allow me to improve the gaming experience. I have already started to rearrange what I already had and implement some new things.

The escape key is one of the most clicked keys ever, leaving it unused seemed wrong, so here we are talking about the various uses of this wonderful key. The escape key is one of the most clicked keys ever, leaving it unused seemed wrong, so here we are talking about the various uses of this wonderful key.

Let’s start with the most common use but with the least response, a new game starts, there are all the splash screens of the components and software houses that have worked on it and we are there like obsessed to press that…

We are coming to the final stages of this project. Today we’re going to create the full package of our game and test it. Today we are doing the build.

To make the build of our game we have to go to File> Build Settings and set what we want to put in our build.

Audio always comes last, but that doesn’t mean it’s a less important component than others.

As for the other fields, the sound within a game requires the intervention of a specialist and dedicated tools, often external to the game engine itself.

Audio has a considerable task, it is meant to complement our sensations and must move in step with the visual effects. It has to be adequate to the realization of the game, it also wants to send a message. It is not enough to put the usual epic music in all moments and sad music in others. The work…

Post-processing is that tool that when you finish setting it up and activate it, you’re the first to be amazed.

Let’s see what we have to do to use it. First of all we have to add it to our project so we go to Window>Package Manager and install it in our project.

We have already seen a VFX, when we talked about 2D animations, today we will go into more detail.

Visual effects or VFX are that extra part that brings a game towards making it a real game. It is a visual effect that serves to reinforce the feeling that something has happened or changed within the game without having to look at other elements.

Exploding an enemy after you destroy it has a better effect than just disappearing the game object about it.

Or the power up with a very strong light effect that serves to attract attention by saying…

The goal of the day and create the game over screen.
Let’s talk about User Interface (UI). To our game over screen, we want to give that retro blinking effect.

Unity has a whole section for what concerns the UI, basically, it allows us to create a transparent screen between the camera and the game space. On that screen, we will add our UI elements like lives, score, and our game over message.

When you want to create an element for the UI automatically is generated a Canvas that can contain it and an EventSystem.

“If-else” and “switch” are both selection instructions. Selection statements transfer program flow to the particular instruction block based on whether the condition is “true” or “false”.

The general form of if-else statements is as follows

where “if” and “else” are the keywords and statements can be a single statement or a block of statements. The expression evaluates to be “true” for any value other than zero and for zero it evaluates to “false”. The if statement can contain an integer, a character, a pointer, a floating-point, or it can be a boolean type. The if statement is optional in…

The topic of the day is animations in Unity, let’s talk about 2D sprite animation.
A sprite is an image that can be moved around the screen and otherwise manipulated as a single entity.

sprite sheet example

To create a 2D animation we need the set of sprites that make up the animation. I am not an artist but fortunately, on the web, you can find a lot of sprites or spritesheets ready to use.

So let’s start with the list of ingredients:
- Unity
- Animation Panel
- Group of sprites that make up the animation

In the Project panel we are…

Within a project, it is essential to keep the code clean, meaning that it is self-explanatory and there is no waste of resources.

Some examples within Unity can be to always leave the Update function easy to read, calling methods instead of inserting many lines of code and then not remember what they are for.

Andrea Alicino

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