Blueprint Tips

Andrea Alicino
3 min readJan 26, 2024


This article shares some common tips for working with blueprints. These tips help keep the blueprints organized and easily readable, especially when working in teams.

Reroute Nodes:
As blueprints become more complex, a link can become tangled behind a node, making it difficult to read. We can create a Reroute Node by double-clicking on the link to avoid this. This organizes the blueprint and allows us to link directly to other nodes if needed.

Using the Sequence node can prevent your blueprint from becoming an endless line of following nodes. It decomposes actions while keeping the same execution order, making it more orderly.

Another helpful tool to help read blueprints is the Comment feature. By selecting the nodes you’re interested in and pressing the Ckey, you can add comments and name them. It’s common practice to use colors to associate comments with specific types.

We all like to keep our nodes in a straight line, and Epic engineers have thought of this, too! They created shortcuts to keep nodes aligned.

horizontal alignment => Q
vertical alignment => shift+alt+S

Quick Get/Set:
We can speed up a command that is already fast enough. Indeed, Set after we transport a variable in our gr gives us a choice: Get or Setaph. Just hold down Ctrl for Get and Alt for Set.

Validation Get:
It is a common practice to use an IsValid node immediately after a variable’s Get. We can combine the two by right-clicking on the Get of the newly inserted variable and selecting “Convert to Validated Get.”

These here are just a few of the many shortcuts that exist in Unreal Engine and specifically on Blueprints. On the Unreal Engine documentation, we can find many others that are just as useful.

I hope you found this article helpful.
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