Using Decals in Unity

Andrea Alicino
2 min readSep 19, 2022

Theme of the day, how to create a decal on Unity.
Let’s start by explaining what a decal is. A decal is a texture that is applied to a material as if it were an adhesive. Its peculiarity is that it can adapt to a surface.

To create a decal we need a few things, and a few simple steps to follow.
- First we need a texture, in my case I looked for the batman logo. Let’s import it into Unity and make it a sprite.

- Second step we are going to crare a material and modify its shader so that sie HDRP/Decal

Create a new material
modifies its shader field

- The last step we have to create a decal projection in the scene and assign the material to it.

Create a new Decal Projector in the scene
Add the material in its field

Now we just need to place it in front of an object and we are done.

I hope you found this helpful article.
See you in the next article🚀.



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