Every program has features created specifically to enhance the experience. Today I’m showing some of them, some better known than others. I hope it will be useful. Let’s start right away.

when you have a scene full of elements, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for. You can select it in the Hierarchy and press F on the keyboard

if you can’t find it even in the Hierarchy just type its name or that of its components

When you search for a specific asset in your project folder, there is a prefix that allows you to search for them by type.
Just type t: followed by the type of item you are looking for for example “t: scene” or “t: sprite”.

It has happened to everyone, you change a parameter in the inspector and then you realize that you are PlayMode. There is an easy solution to figure out if you are in Playmode or not.
Just go to
“Edit > Preferences > Colors” and choose a color to assign to the “Playmode tint” field.

If instead, you want to memorize a value, for example, the Transform of a game object, you just have to copy its values in Playmode and paste them on the Transform of the same object once it is out of Playmode.

Unity offers sample layouts to work best and also a save function that allows you to create your own and save it. It’s really very useful especially if you work with more than one screen.

Like all programs, Unity has keyboard shortcuts. If you want to modify the transform components of a game object directly in the scene, just remember that
w = position
e = rotation
r = scale

Everyone knows that if you press the right mouse button you can move freely in the scene view.

If you select the main game camera and press ctrl+shift+f you can set the main camera to exactly the same position.

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