Unity Dolly Track

A camera dolly is a wheeled cart or similar device used in filmmaking and television production to create smooth horizontal camera movements.
Unity’s Cinemachine allows you to create the same system within a game, such as creating a cutscene.

To use it you must have Cinemachine installed in your Unity project, if not you can just go to the Package Manager and add it directly.

Once finished with the preparations to use this system we just go on the menu “Cinemachine” and choose “Create a Dolly Camera with Track”.

Inspector Tab

This system uses the dolly path that generates a track between two or more points on which the Virtual Camera will move. What we see as a track is actually an array of waypoints in a Scene.

When we add a waypoint we see it appear in the scene if we add a second one we can see that the two points are connected.

In the Inspector we can see that we have the possibility of modifying the position of the waypoint and its tangent, which determines the type of curve we are going to generate.

Once defined the waypoints we have to connect them to our Virtual Camera.
Selected the Virtual Camera in the Inspector we will have several sections, including the “Body” where we should choose the field “Tracked Dolly” and assign the dolly track

Another function that the Virtual Camera provides is to set the subject that will always be the center of attention, its “Look At”.

This is a small example



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