Unity Analytics

Also in this application, just to get familiar with it, we are going to set up Unity Analytics to monitor which exhibits will be viewed the most.

Let’s note that using the free version of Unity I won’t be able to access the data in real-time. This does not affect how they are configured and managed.

The first step is to enable the service by going to Window>General>Servicies

We will be in front of a panel and we just need to click on Analytics and enable the service.

The second step involves the use of the Package Manager to download the libraries and scripts that already provides Unity.

Once completed the first two steps we have to add a component that we want to track, in my case are the buttons on the map, so I’ll add it to all the buttons.

We configure this component by selecting that it is a UI element. We assign a name to the event otherwise we can’t track it and finally using the list of operations of the button we add the game object itself and we select TriggerEvent.

We repeat the operation for all the events we want to monitor and we are done.



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Andrea Alicino

Andrea Alicino


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