The new Input System: installation

Unity Technologies in recent years has brought a lot of news within its engine one of these is definitely the input system that has changed significantly the management of the same, allowing you to manage through a new window of the editor different types of input between controller and keyboard.
In this first article I will explain how to insert it in the project and the tricks that you need to do to use it, in the next article I will bring examples and explain in detail its operation.

Let’s start, first of all, I recommend always keeping handy the official documentation of Unity that is the same one I used.

After creating a new project, let’s look in the package manager for the package related to the input system, small note, it is necessary to use the version of Unity 2019.4 or later for compatibility issues.

When you install the Input System package, Unity will ask you if you want to enable the new backends. Answer yes and wait while the editor restarts. Once restarted you need to go to Edit>Project Settings>Player>Other Settings to change some parameters or make sure they are correct.

the parameters to modify are, the backend scripting and the compatibility level of the .net API

in addition to those parameters, we can also see the one related to the type of input to be used for convenience we can set it to “Both”.

Modifying these parameters we will be asked again to restart Unity, but now we will be ready to start to know this new tool.



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