The new Input System: Add controller

Let’s move on to one of the features that impressed me the most about the new input system, and I think it will lead me to convert many of my projects to this new system.

It is definitely the ease with which we can modify the commands, and we can add new ones, such as those of a controller. Usually, when you make a prototype you use the keyboard and then you have to go to manage the commands to map a controller, and each controller has its own mapping to respect.

With the new input system unity, it not only recognizes what kind of controller you’re using, but if you want it also has a generic mapping for different types of joysticks, this thing amazed me and I wanted to try it immediately.

The process was extremely easy, it was enough to add to the actions that I had already created the replica of the command for the controller, using the ‘listen’ button the process is further speeded up. After a few tests and adjusting some parameters, everything was ready to use. This thing has amazed me not a little and I am really satisfied with the result.

That’s all for today folks




project manager by day, unity developer by night

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Andrea Alicino

Andrea Alicino

project manager by day, unity developer by night

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