The High Definition Render Pipeline In Unity

Let’s start a new topic, which we will explore in more detail in future articles. It’s time for the ultimate graphics upgrade to my Sci-Fi Lab. Let’s talk about HDRP.

The HDRP, or rather the high definition render pipeline. It is provided by Unity, we can see its capabilities in the videos distributed on its official youtube channel.
If you want to make a next-gen console game, this is the pipeline that should be used.

I strongly recommend starting a project directly with this pipeline, upgrading your project is not impossible but you have to pay a lot of attention to the settings and materials of our game objects.
If you should find yourself doing this I recommend you follow the official instructions in the Unity documentation.

Ultimately, if you want to make a project with a big graphical impact release it for next-gen consoles and/or pc. You’d better try using this rendering pipeline, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

See you in the next article 🚀



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Andrea Alicino

Andrea Alicino


Unity developer and C# programmer. Currently looking for games industry employment.