The Amazing Power of Light Probes

Andrea Alicino
2 min readNov 14, 2022

Lights in a game have a crucial role in its final result. We have talked about a lot of elements that Unity provides. Today I want to introduce another one, Light Probe.

What they are
Light Probes add high-quality lighting effects to moving objects. They allow you to use Baked lighting — such as Emissive Materials and Area Lights — to illuminate objects passing through your scene.

Let’s move on to practice
Let’s add the light probe to the game scene.

In the scene, we will now see spheres connected. If we want this effect to be the same over our entire room/environment, we must arm ourselves with patience, duplicate the spheres in the scene, and move them around to cover the whole surface.

The elements in the room/environment must be static because we use the baked mode of the lights; to use it, the objects in the scene must be static.

Now let’s insert an element in the scene, I took a sphere, but it could be anything you can move in the game.
We will notice immediately that as we move the sphere in the scene, some reflection probe elements will appear around our game object.

Once the lights are baked, we can notice that moving the player will change the type of light that is projected on them, and that is precisely the effect that is created by using this component.

This tool gives a nice twist to the graphical level of the game, and I think that in the future, I will not be able to do without using it.

I hope you found this article useful.
See you in the next article🚀.



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