Tessellation in HDRP

Andrea Alicino
2 min readSep 2, 2022


Today we will look at another method of making a 2D surface look 3D, tessellation. This time we will again use the Height Map.

I’ll retake the pebble plane and go to select its material. We’re going to change its shader from Lit to LitTessellation.

Once changed, we will change some parameters in the inspector; let’s ensure that under “Displacement Mode,” “Tessellation Displacement” is selected.

The height map must be inserted in your appropriate space.

To change the height of our surface, we should change the parameter of “Amplitude” if we use the parameterization or the “Max” if we decide to use the MinMax.

Compared to pixel displacement, tessellation allows for more detail without sacrificing optimization.

The number of vertices changes according to the camera distance.
We can manage the parameters from our material settings under Tessellation Options.

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