Reflection Probes vs Screen Space Reflections

Unity offers viable solutions based on the computing power we can leverage. Today’s topic is Reflections.

There are two ways to manage it, the Reflection Probes, which is an object that we insert in our scene, and the Screen Space Reflections that is a post-processing effect that we add to the game camera.

To compare the two alternatives, let’s take a scene piece with a marble floor and elements that will have to be reflected in it.

Scene without Reflection Probes and Screen Space Reflections

The first is more suitable for the development of mobile games, we insert an object in the scene that is called Reflection Probe, and we define our area of interest.

Reflection Probes active

The second one is more suitable for larger productions, mainly for PC and console games. It is a post-processing effect and as you can see from the images the difference is immediately noticeable on our marble floor.

Screen Space Reflections active

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