Project Update: Lives and Respawn

In platform games lose lives and restart from a checkpoint is very common, even knowing very well the characteristics of the protagonist just a mistake to have to start from scratch.

Implementing this feature seemed very simple but when you work using physics something always happens and in fact, it did.

To implement the lives and UI as I did with the coins I used my UI Manager and the Singleton pattern to call it directly and update the UI.

Dead Zone

Now I had to manage the death by fall and they respawn. The idea is to create a collider and when the player crosses it he is repositioned at the starting point and one life is subtracted.
The idea is right but to finalize it we have to fix a couple of things, otherwise, the player will fall too fast.

The moment the player crosses our DeadZone we will deactivate his physical component and launch a coroutine to reactivate it shortly after when he has already been put back in his place and his life has been taken.

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