It’s time to learn how to make your game beautiful

For this new series of articles, I decided to step outside the concept of a programmer, broaden my horizons and learn about other aspects of Unity. Talk about all the components related to the design and graphics, which usually in my previous work experience were handled exclusively by designers and artists.

I would like to learn how to make something similar

Continuing the path with GameDevHQ is now the time to deepen these topics starting from the creation of a level and then learning to use the different rendering pipelines that the engine provides.
I’m very curious about where this new beginning will take me. I’m sure it will lead me to revise some of my works, to give them that extra something that very often has dissuaded me from wanting to publish a game or just a simple prototype, because I was not satisfied with its graphical performance.

that’s it for today folks




project manager by day, unity developer by night

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Andrea Alicino

Andrea Alicino

project manager by day, unity developer by night

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