How To Upgrade Your Project to URP in Unity

you have just imported a beautiful asset pack and can’t wait to use it, but as soon as you open the scene all the elements are a fluorescent purple and you don’t know how to do it.

No problem you probably just need to use Unity’s URP, Universal Render Pipeline.

There are two ways you can go, start a new project by setting up that it is a URP project……..boring!

Or… can update your project and add the URP system.

Obviously, I chose the second way, so I opened the package manager and installed the Universal Pipeline Render in my project

After finished the installation we go to create our pipeline to insert in the project settings.

we go into the project setting under voice Graphics and select our newly created pipeline.

Is everything still purple? No problem, just refresh it with its specific command under Edit>Render Pipeline>Universal Render Pipeline>Upgrade Project Materials to UniversalRP Materials.

and there you go now you can start enjoying the wonderful assets you’ve added.

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