How to create a skybox in Unity

Continue our series on materials in Unity, today I build a material very different from the usual that is assigned to a game object, a skybox.

Unity, by default always has its own skybox, but now we’re going to replace it with the one I’m going to create.

Let’s start, inside the material folder let’s create a new material that we will call with the name we prefer. Now we select the type of shader and go to choose the voice Skybox and in our case 6 sides.

the Inspector should have changed its components and should have six boxes to insert the six sprites that will make up our skybox.

six sides skybox sprites

We drag the sprites and there you have it, our skybox is ready to be used.

Now, all we have to do is go to the “Lighting Settings” panel and modify the default skybox with ours.

Window>Rendering>Lightign Settings

Although it is a very simple process to do, you must have at least the six sprites that make up the skybox and they must be done in an ideal way so that you don’t see any gaps in the sky. If you absolutely need a skybox, the asset store offers a various selection of easily downloadable skyboxes at no extra cost.

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