How to Create A Loading Scene in Unity

I’m pretty much at the end of this project. Today we’re talking about another one of the ever-present components in games…the loading scenes.

To create a loading scene there are a few essential elements that cannot be missed.
A starting scene and a finishing scene. Between the two scenes, we are going to insert an additional scene, the loading scene.

Let’s make our scene, set a background image, and make the one that will represent the loading bar.

Unity helps us through a built-in command to the image component that allows us to immediately create the effect of the horizontal progress bar.

Now we just need to link the numeric value of our component to the actual loading process of the next scene.
So I need to create a script that allows me to asynchronously load the next scene, and update the value of our loading bar.

This time the answer comes directly from the API that Unity provides in its online manual.
Within the SceneManagement library, some methods deal with asynchronous loading. Our goal is to find the method that we have progressive data that will update the loading bar.

Now we are not done yet, it is essential to verify that the scene names or the numerical value you are using is correct. To do this you need to check the Build Settings and verify that all scenes are entered.

If all this is done then all that remains is to try and verify that everything works.

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