How to Build and Test your Unity Game’

We are coming to the final stages of this project. Today we’re going to create the full package of our game and test it. Today we are doing the build.

To make the build of our game we have to go to File> Build Settings and set what we want to put in our build.

We can manage the scenes, their order, and the type of platform we are making the build for.

In our case we will make a build for PC that is the basic setting of Unity, but if you want we can also make it for Android, iOS, WebGL. For consoles, you need to have a particular devkit and SDK provided directly by the companies

First, we make sure the game scenes are present and in the correct order.
If one is missing we can drag it in from our Scene folder.

Select the pc platform for which you want to build, Windows, Mac, or Linux.
Click on the “Build” button, choose where to save it, and off you go, now you have to wait for an amount of time suitable for the size of the project.

Now all you have to do is try the build, notice that you forgot exactly that little detail, and repeat the whole process.

Unity by default creates a build with its icon and the name of the project, if you want to change them you have to go to project settings and in the player item, you can enter an icon, the name of the game, the company, and the version of the build.

If you want to make a build to put on or any way in WebGL version, know that first of all you have to select WebGL and click on “Switch Platform”, when it is finished you can create your build.

To test it, you can upload it to to try it out or go and modify some parameters in Mozilla Firefox and test it directly locally.

To do this you have to open Mozilla and write in its address bar “about:config”.
you should get a screen similar to this

now you have to write “privacy.file_unique_origin” in the search bar and set the parameter to “false”.

Now you just have to launch your index file with Mozilla and you can test the build locally.

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