Game Assets via Filebase

Yesterday I talked about beautiful assets imported in a project, these assets derive from the hard work of Al, Jonathan, and all the staff of gamedevHQ that have created a library full of magnificent assets to use in projects and beyond.

Filebase is added to Unity as if it were a normal package, but once installed you will understand that it is not a normal UnityPackage. You will find a new tab where in addition to assets of all kinds, you can find interesting extensions for projects and tempting challenges to test yourself.

To use this material is necessary to be registered on the site GameDevHQ

Once installed and logged in it will be like having a second asset store with a myriad of options. You only have to choose the asset you are looking for and download it directly into the open project.
If by chance everything is purple I leave you the link to my article that explains how to use the URP.

All my latest works have taken shape thanks to the use of Filebase, the community of GameDevHQ.

I’m really excited to participate in this program and have found the desire to resume doing this work.