Day 2: Let’s start with Unity

Unity is the game engine that I decided to use for this journey.

Let’s start, first of all, we need to create an account on the official website of Unity.

Once created we must download Unity Hub, this is the control center of our projects and allows us to install the version we prefer of Unity.

When you are done with the installation and logged in with the credentials used for your unity account, you should get a screen similar to this one.

my Unity Hub with some project

Choose the version you want to install on your computer. The choice of the version depends on the use you have to make of it. If you work on a project already started it is better to check and use the same version in order not to have problems within the project with your colleagues and git.

Create a new Unity project

Now you can create your first project. Just click on New, choose a name for your project, and choose its location.

we’re almost there, in the next article we’ll talk about how the Unity window is structured.

project manager by day, unity developer by night