Building Enterprise Apps with Unity

Andrea Alicino
3 min readSep 18, 2021

Let’s start with the realization of our application.
A pure app is composed almost entirely of the UI. To make the best app, you need to have clear ideas. What does our app do, what functionality should it have, who will use this app…the questions can be many.
Certainly, the design of our app needs to be defined before it starts to be implemented.

Fortunately, all this material has already been provided to me by the staff of GamedevHQ, but before we get to the programming it is necessary to build all the layouts that will be needed.
We have a diagram that shows us exactly how the screens of the app in question should look like, and I guarantee you that they are really super detailed. In addition, the workflow of this application is already represented and it will surely come in handy later.

Let’s start from the first screen and begin to build the application page by page, a good idea is to find the common points in the pages and avoid replicating them each time, but build a panel that has only the elements in common, in my case the logo and navigation tools.

It’s very important to pay attention to details, the UI is the strong point of an application and you have to devote time to it. Above all, you have to pay attention to manage well the anchors that play a fundamental role when we talk about changing the screen resolution.

At the end of the work, you should end up with a system of dedicated panels for each type of page you have made.

These are my screenshots.



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