App Design Flow: OnClick Event

Development is proceeding on my app with Unity, and I have to say I’m pleasantly impressed with what I’m learning.

After making all the layouts of the app, I need to start making it functional. So following the flow of my app I need to build the transactions between all the panels.

Unity provides a method, on the game objects that play the button role, to perform transactions without having to use code.

in this box, we can define a series of actions that occur when the button is pressed.
We are talking about basic actions like activating or deactivating a game object but also calling a specific public method written in the code of the assigned game object.

Going on with the project I converted everything in code using a UIManager to better manage all the behaviors.
But thanks to a tool of this type we can make light and fast prototypes even without the use of code.
I can think of a designer who simply prototypes the transitions giving life to his mockup, reducing the workload of the programmer.



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