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Andrea Alicino
2 min readJan 24, 2024


I am resuming my journey in animation today. Let’s talk about animation blueprint(ABP).

What is the Animation Blueprint?

The Animation Blueprint is a key component of Unreal Engine that allows developers to define and control the animations of a character or object within the game.

Main Components:

Event Graph: This part of the Animation Blueprint manages the events and control logic of the animations. Game actions, such as character movement and player input, can trigger events.

Event Graph Example

Anim Graph: This section allows you to define the logic of the animations. It links basic animations and controls the flow of animations in response to events.

Anim Graph Example

States and Transitions:

- Animation Blueprints often use a state structure to manage different character animations. For example, one state may represent the character in an idle state, while another may handle movement.
- Transitions between states are defined based on specific conditions, such as character speed or player input.

Variables are used to define transitions

Blending and Layering:

- Unreal Engine allows blending animations to create smooth transitions between them. For example, intelligent blending can handle the transition from walking to running.
- Layering allows overlapping animations, enabling finer details and more realistic transitions.

Layer Blend Component

This is just a tiny introduction to Animation Blueprint. This powerful tool allows developers to create complex and realistic animations with relative ease.
Its flexibility and versatility make it an essential tool for animating game characters, helping to create immersive and engaging gaming experiences.

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