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Andrea Alicino
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In this article, we see how to use already-created animations.
The first step is to create a Blend Space, which we will then use within an Animation Blueprint.

What is a Blend Space:

A Blend Space is a feature of Unreal Engine that allows you to manage the seamless transition between different animations based on one or more variables. You can seamlessly transition between different animations depending on factors such as direction of motion, speed, or any other variable you choose.

Creating the Blend Space: To use a Blend Space, you must first define the variables affecting the transition between animations. After determining the variables, you can create the Blend Space. This is a two- or three-dimensional graph where you place the different animations according to the defined variables. For example, walking animations might be at the bottom of the graph, while running animations would be at the top.

Set the name and the value for the axis

Associating Animations to Coordinates: It is crucial to associate animations to Blend Space coordinates. This determines how the game engine will transition between animations based on variable values during game execution.

Use in the Blueprint or AnimGraph: Once the Blend Space has been created, it can be used in the character’s blueprint or the animation’s AnimGraph. This allows you to easily integrate the Blend Space into the blueprint and handle transitions dynamically during game execution.

Benefits of Blend Space:

1. Smooth Transitions: Blend Space allows smooth transitions between different animations, eliminating the characteristic “disconnect” often found in games with rigid animations.
2. Adaptability: Because Blend Space is based on user-defined variables, it is highly adaptable to different game situations, allowing precise control over animations.
3. Time-saving: It simplifies managing animations, allowing developers to focus on other critical aspects of the game.

BS with all locomotion animations

In summary, Blend Space in Unreal Engine is a powerful tool that enables developers to create realistic and smooth animations in their games. Its versatility in handling variable-based transitions makes it essential for anyone seeking to enhance the gaming experience through dynamic and realistic animations. By using Blend Space correctly, developers can take their creations to new levels of immersion and engagement for players.

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