Animated Tile Sets in Unity

We have introduced the discourse of Tiles and Palette today instead I have worked on how to make an animated tile.

First, you have to add a package called “2D-extras” that is recoverable among the repo of Unity Technologies on Github at this link.
Depending on the version of Unity that is used, you should choose the correct branch and follow the detailed instructions provided in the repo. Otherwise, you risk easily find compilation errors that will block everything.

In this case, I want to make a waterfall with some sprites that have been provided to me. If the addition of the package has been successful you now have additional entries within the panel to create new objects in the project.

Select the AnimatedTile entry to create one, now begins the most boring part of all. Once your sprite has been split up you need to take each sprite that has been created and add it to our new object that we have just created.
At the bottom, after the sprites that have been inserted, there are some parameters that affect the speed, and not only that, of the animation that is created.

Once this part is finished we just need to create a new palette, add the animated Tile that we have created, and start composing the scene.

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